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Towards a trully Open and Free University:

Examples of a Global Crisis

On an Educational Professional Cooperative in the global cooperative Freedom Coop.

An Open Knowledge Repository for a Free and Open University.

Project towards a European Cooperative for a Free and Open Knowledge

Assessment of the feasibility and timeliness of the project.

By Joaquim Bernà i Torres; Social Sciences Secondary Teacher on Valencian Conselleria d’Educació.  As a membre of the Col·lectiu Blanquerna.

Preface. Towards a trully Open and Free University.

The late years evolution of the educational system has been the cause of many discussions and some of them trully significant towards a Paedagogical Renewal based in inclusion, adaptation to the individual and social context criteria, but also in independence from the classic concepts of item and numerical assessment, and so on…

To make it clear, from now, this evolution, we will remark an enumeration of some of the big changes in the educational environment troughout the planet Earth as some launchers for strong ideas for a Paedagogical Renewal and that we will see as, later, a track to know resistences by the educational system itself as an institution.

1.- The Crisis of the Traditional System of Education as seen in different flavors and traditions in recent years reinforces the idea of the need for a true educational renewal, but above all, it represents the end of a certain time and so for alternative education policies so far been implemented. Reflection which are successive and sometimes impulsive educational reforms that have been around the world where traditional schemes remain (apparently with better results). The repeated failure of these reforms reinforces truly innovative alternatives which nevertheless maintain quality levels with proven test results as PISA shows plainly.

2.- The Technological unstoppable Crisis meant the emergence of the digital world of telecommunications within the traditional educational system reinforcing the one hand, the need for educational reform front obsolete structures that value still learning mechanical and mechanistic, but also the other side is an ideological revolution comparable to the extension of the press. Correlate with the crisis of educational institutions that own the expansion of environmental distribution and knowledge sharing culture with the traditional book writing. But culture books, against what had been hypothesized by striking neotecnicians, is not over; what happened is, with the emergence of new forms of creation and distribution / sharing culture book writing that connect the past such as the Renaissance itself was born in which the primitive press industry itself.

3- The Social Srisis that erupted at the beginning of the XXIth. century, when expectations were others with the concept of the End of History, has resulted in the radicalization of social inequalities, disparities not only as economic but also and especially of access to knowledge and knowledge parceled and closed traps owners are justified only to the maintenance of class rule by the minority ruling bourgeoisie face the great mass of the human population that is no longer the subject of science fiction as film ‘Elysium’ [2013; http: // www. imdb. com / title / tt1535108] shows, but a subject of the present sharpest all general mass media.

4.- The Economic Crisis since 2008, which has just made clear that the structural crisis of capitalism as a Mode of Production (as in Marxist term) and / or Civilization (for a More Positivist POW). The correlation with the economic crisis of unpayable debts of cheap bank loans for educational purposes makes this crisis, and that involves the discussion of the model in Chile postpinochetista that illuminates the structural crisis of the capitalist economic model also educational and not just as relations of production or capitalist socialization assume different cases of Cul de Sac History between the USA and Chile.

5.- The Ecological Crisis, which prefigured the early production crisis to end into the unsustainability of the capitalist model itself apparently leveraged as reveals the impossibility of ‘shortages’ of previous historical patterns; leads us to the realization of the obvious limitations of Earth resources to supply the crazy race for unlimited production of useless goods. The very model of sustainable alternative cirular exemplified in making plastic filaments for recycling the tons and tons of solid waste shows that we are not so far from the realization of viable alternatives to this capitalist chaos.

Examples of a Global Crisis

To stop such a causal context of the process of an Educational Renewal, now we’ll begin to see how these changes have affected the context handle all the crises of the capitalist mode exemplified in the strategies, approaches and concrete manifestations of this Educational Renewal.1

1.- Crisis of the Education System regarding its function, ie, training of the staff and then upholding it in the labor market. But, it should not return to school for updating knowledge and yet can not do anything because the speed with which changes in the context of vocational training institutions is so high and the stiff as a regulatory process and normalizing so rigid that adaptation seem impossible without getting rid of the Educational Institution itself. . So the total loss is mutual. We load the model that has been successful outsourcing the training process in institutions that are not the same as everyday and usual jobs work; which is but definitive proof of the failure of neoliberalism occurred after 2008 as a political and economic ideology. And, on the other hand, the consecration of a model public and community education as the Finnish one. [ ]

2.- The Technology Crisis has been featured in previous historical process, since the social dynamics created innovative institutions (Open Campuses) and its innovative practices such as bar-camp, the MOOC, etc. The need for learning from the world of work and enterprise made possible the spread of those, more adapted to the changing structures of today’s world and his particular sensitivity lifestyle hacker demanded freedom but also inexcusable commitment with knowledge and know-how. . The ethical hacker Pekka Himanen is the reference book for these items. []

3.- The contemporary Social Crisis, since May 1968, has been a crisis of legitimacy of educational institutions at the same time a crisis of the inevitability of class domination or patriarchy or neocolonial, etc. The battlefield has developed liberated areas where the possession of knowledge and know-how has been the key to the real independence of social communities alternatives, from the first communes to the Confederations in Kurdistan. Today, independence implies real food sovereignty, with the correlation of social control of organic farming; Technological Sovereignty, the break with the unsustainable model industrialist multi distribution of goods and knowledge to manufacture customized via 3D printers.. Female antipatriarchal sovereign self-sufficient communities of women, etc.

4.- The Economic Crisis that has led to the marginalization of many of the people who left the labor market with a rating as high as useless within the expectations of the capitalist system has made it possible to develop technological alternatives to an extent that the most optimistic did not suspected at all. The proliferation of cooperatives, communes, Roommates, etc.., is the point and will be the sign of the times that mark the collapse of the capitalist system as we know it.

5.- The Ecological Crisis so denied as real everyday, it has only to prove impossible to avoid structural changes, these yes, involving the abandonment of fossil fuels and centralized adoption of renewable energy in the context of third Industrial Revolution as Jeremy Rifkin theorizes. []

Therefore, these structural changes can’t hide making changes announced for Educational Renewal in the early twentieth century that is no longer a dreamer nutty professor but well known University doctors in a context that applies the teaching model of the Universities which still happens there to the lower levels of educational model.. In the Primary Schools. All within a new institutional and social structure in which the passage from a lower educational level into a superior one becomes an extension of the learning network rather than abandoning the primaries.. []

In this context that we propose the creation of a New University Educational Institution in that free and open technology dichotomies in which Open Software and Free Software formerly shown are all reduced to within the Superior target of the creation of Popular Infinite and incrementally Empowerment.

So now we would spend time on the description of this model and how this specific proposal will manifest the creation of specific institutions such as the Professional Cooperative in the global cooperative Freedom Coop.

On an Educational Professional Cooperative in the global cooperative Freedom Coop.


The creation of Freedom Coop [ ] establishes a new framework for absolutely guaranteeing unemployed young workers hyperqualified nourishing the ranks of the unemployed, a career opportunity at the same time legal and outside the capitalist system through the use of Faircoin2 and as an internal cryptocurrency unit of account to the cooperative Coop Freedom. []

Thanks to the potential this platform offers as an European Cooperative to the highly skilled workers now unemployed, like most of them temporary workers, but also many workers with fixed carriers Limited for various reasons to internal promotion as a place to retire based in the educational administration, it is our intention to establish ourselves a European Professional Cooperative Teachers for a Free and Open Knowledge as a platform for the promotion of Popular Empowerment through the dissemination of scientific and humanistic tools necessary for their achievement.

The members of the Professional Cooperative could be unemployed or employed people in some way by the education authorities (people unemployed should be capable of being employed in view of the specific criteria of educational administrations. although the requirements of nationality or residence in a given territory weren’t met).

The structure of the cooperative should be based on two complementary and integrated platforms: 1) An open-access repository of educational resources online (ROEROL) managed by professional documentation and library (including both unemployment as arranged by the authorities), while working as a Professional Cooperative integrated FreedomCoop; 2) a Professional Cooperative for a Free and Open Education (COPEOL) in which all teaching professionals could participate, whether it be at the level that they are in favor of the dissemination of knowledge for People Empowerment against predatory capitalist system of the territory and the people.

The economic activities of these cooperatives can be free access services and services tailored to the needs of individuals and groups of people who come with the intention of receiving these services, which would, to pay somehow, payment may be redeemed these services in euro, other fiat currencies, and Faircoin2.

1.- Open-access Repository of Educational Resources Online (ROEROL)

First described the need for a repository for educational resources accessible online that should be opensource, open source, with a license that could imply a proper citation of them.

1.1.- Library Professional Management (Sub coop? In any case there must be professional librarians)

The professional management of this repository should be of a cooperative or a number of people and/or nodes within the network of Freedom Coop, who had the qualifications to work in public administration as librarians or archivists.

The various tasks that could be developed are: a) Library Management, as a maintenance servive for Repository ROEROL, management must be nonprofit and could be complemented by a similar service at the different education authorities that in nowadays, offer us these services in a more or less easy way so as to accomplish their own goals of educational public service; b) Research Services Resource and Research (both findings ROEROL as any other service free and open access to such resources), they would definitely be paid by individuals and/or groups of plaintiffs same services therefore fiat currency as Faircoin2.

1.2.- (Library Management) Maintenance Services of an open and free access to online ROEROL

Library management, as the repository ROEROL maintenance must be performed by qualified personnel in a standardized way by the public or that could be classified as suitable for these authorities according to their rules. The management must be nonprofit and could be complemented by a similar service at the different education authorities that, nowadays, offer us these services in a more or less easy way to accomplish their own goals of educational public service.

1.3.- (Library Management) Research Services for Resource and Research (paid)

These research services and research resources (that could be findings both in ROEROL as in any other free and open access service to such resources) would be made by the people in charge of maintaining free and open access or by authorized persons or and those under their supervision. These services would definitely be paid by individuals and/or groups of plaintiffs themselves as much in fiat currency or in Faircoin2.

2.- Professional Cooperative for an Open and Free Eductation (COPEOL; Payment services for Punctual training service taught by trained professionals..)


In addition to management of open resources this project requires human ones capable of facilitating learning to make actual empowering people for their struggles and their social actions which, without this base, have never been able to overcome at a state of permanent revolt more or less without any possibility of going beyond these on a stage or dual power administrations alternatives to seemingly ‘legal’ changes that allow truly historic and/or revolutionary social and cultural level.

Those services have to be done by qualified personel by education authorities or that could be positively qualified for these tasks in teaching.

Those services must to be pay to the Cooperative as much in fiat currency or in Faircoin2.

The decision to put a price on services and the criteria to apply their collection shall be the responsibility of the Cooperative, which will always be the criterion of access to knowledge as a determinant to justify all its actions. For example, admission and scholarships grants for access to information and/or educational training.

Assessment of the feasibility and timeliness of the project.


In these historic moments of extreme volatility for social duties with a job crisis that is reflected in unemployment and/or excessive precariousness of teaching and documentary it called us that it seems very timely to launch this project.

Both in terms of the provision of services that the public education is increasingly setting aside in favor of the privatization of those services as a restriction to knowledge and enjoyment of art and artistic activities, such as now performing.

From the point of view of the valencian public administration

From the point of view of the Public Educational Valencian Authorities , the emergence and consolidation of this project would allow the consolidation of a basic criterion of public access to knowledge and artistic activities could be complemented with services as ours now, authorities are using both educational and cultural facilities in their library facilities, documentary personel and educational services.


From the point of view of the European Cooperative Freedom Coop.

From the point of view of the European Cooperative we put in place to: a) ensure the empowerment of populations in the basic tools that allow control of these with respect to the environment and social and economic activities of the predatory capitalist system; b) facilitate access to selfemployment for a large part of these amply qualified youth could contribute to give their cooperative skills while giving a service to the population between which lies; c) allows the creation of an alternative structure to the public in anticipation of a disaster such as this can be foreseen in shaping global issues in recent years.

València, october, 9th, 2016

Col·lectiu Blanquerna



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